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This newsletter is brought to you by Harbour Times, an independent news outlet that provides reporting on matters shaping Hong Kong. The support from our readers is what makes it possible for this two-person production to have a lasting impact.

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The whole publication of HT is run by two millennial writers; one of them (that’s Jasmine Lee, the one who writes High Tide most days), is a broke journalist who continues to work two or more other jobs – depending on the time – as a bartender and barista so she can afford to eat.

Harbour Times is completely supported by the generous donations of our Patreon members and those who subscribe to our premium newsletter on Substack. We currently take zero dollars in sponsorships but realistically speaking it is something we will be looking into in the future if we want to survive. We do not want to be taking just any sponsorships though – we know our readers are a smart bunch and would only advertise brands that reflect our values and support the local community.

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Aside from monitoring the news in Hong Kong, Jasmine and Cyril have produced HT’s podcast Spyglass: A Closer Look at Hong Kong.

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