🌊 Inflationary pressures looming on the horizon

In other news, mainland experts complete a third day of tours in Hong Kong

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  1. Electricity, gas and water bills up 28%

  2. Cross-infection found at Regal Airport Hotel

  3. Mainland Experts in HK: Day 3

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Electricity, gas and water bills up 28%

Surging prices in food, transportation, clothing and utilities have sparked concerns of inflationary pressure. Clothing and footwear prices climbed 6.1%, food bills increased 2.1% and utilities and transport costs jumped 28.1% and 5.7% respectively. In the third quarter of 2021, import prices increased 6.5% year on year, largely driven by rising prices in the mainland. The overall Consumer Price Index recorded year on year growth of 1.7% in October.

Hong Kong’s inflationary concerns also partly reflect an ongoing worldwide issue with post-pandemic inflation. Global supply chain congestion has led to a significant increase in shipping charges, contributing to inflated prices in countries across the world. During the pandemic, many governments also pushed through large fiscal stimulus and adopted expansionary monetary policies, leading some economists to blame government officials for current inflationary woes.

Consumer prices in the US jumped 6.2% in October, constituting its biggest inflationary surge in 30 years.

COVID news

Coronavirus in Hong Kong

  • New cases: 3 (imported)

Cross-infection found at Regal Airport Hotel

Health officials have confirmed a cross infection between two guests on the same floor of the Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong. Both guests tested positive for COVID-19 within a week of each other. All other guests staying on the same floor have been ordered to extend their quarantine for 14 more days.

Mainland experts in HK: Day 3

On Monday, mainland virus prevention experts continued their Hong Kong visit for a 3rd day. Experts warned that Hong Kong may need to step up infection-control measures at its international airport. Hong Kong officials were also warned that their policy of exempting aircrew members from quarantine may need “further review“. Earlier this week, Cathay fired three pilots who tested positive for coronavirus after breaching the airline’s quarantine policy during a layover in Germany.

SCMP’s sources revealed that the mainland delegation was mostly satisfied with the city’s overall strategy virus-prevention strategy.

Events / Exhibitions etc

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Events from the Diplomatic Community

Jewish Life in Germany and Escape Destination Hong Kong

A fitting event to put up for the memorial weekend, it started on 11/11 too! (Though I admit it did slip me to put it up then).

For the next month, the German CG and the Goethe-Institute are hosting a group of and events detailing the lives of Holocaust refugees who fled to Hong Kong. The gallery itself shows images from the Center for Persecuted Arts in Solingen and the United Nations Outreach Program. In the Art Centre’s Black Box studio, a multimedia performance QING explores the relationship between dance and the ‘body luggage’ of forced migration.

Where: Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio. 14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre. Wanchai
When: 11/11 to 11/12 / 9:00am - 8:30pm (Mon - Fri) 9:30am - 6:00pm (Sat)

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