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Another day, another Apple Daily executive arrested

Lam Man-chung, former executive editor-in-chief of the now-defunct paper, was arrested by national security police on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces. Apple Daily ceased its operations in June after a police investigation (and raid of its headquarters) led to its assets being frozen.

Three more ex-Apple Daily staff have been charged with the same national security violation because of articles calling for sanctions against HK authorities.

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COVID news

Coronavirus in Hong Kong

  • New cases: 5 (imported)

  • Total cases: 11,971 cases so far (71 active cases, 212 total deaths, 11,688 total recovered)


Nicolas Aguzin, Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO, has lent his insights to HT in an article from Sze Yu, who you all have been hanging out with for the last two weeks on Tide! The city’s financial future has been a point of concern for many, especially given the sociopolitical turbulence of recent years.

Read about why Aguzin remains optimistic and how HK’s economic development will be tied to China or foreign currencies here.

Get Aguzin's input here

Find the latest updates on politics, media and what the Hong Kong Journalists Association has to say about recent crackdowns on local news outlets on today’s Paid Tide. You can also learn about new legislation the government is considering, which would help combat “fake news”.

For instance, Christopher Cheung of the Business and Professionals Alliance warned of disinformation being instrumentalised to “brainwash” the public.

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