🌊 Free Tide: Same-sex relationship in popular series does not equate to LGBT acceptance in HK, Carrie Lam says

Police drop sexual assault investigation against officer from 2020 protests

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So many protest news updates and so little time. As a political science student, today’s Tide news is particularly interesting as we see Carrie Lam try to define her role as Chief Executive.

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The Chief Executive chimes in on Junius Ho’s comments

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that the popularity of Ossan’s Love—a local TV series featuring same-sex romances—is not necessarily indicative of growing acceptance of homosexuality in HK. This comes after Junius Ho’s remarks from yesterday, where the pro-Beijing legislator accused the show of opposing China’s three-child policy and national security law.

Lam was asked about shifting attitudes in favour of LGBT rights and finally criminalising discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. She responded that there is still no public consensus on such issues in HK, as they remain extremely controversial.


COVID news

Coronavirus in Hong Kong

  • New cases: 7 (imported)

  • Total cases: 11,966 cases so far (66 active cases, 212 total deaths, 11,688 total recovered)

The Centre for Health Protection is also looking into two (preliminary positive) imported cases of the L452R strain. The patients are a 13-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother who recently returned from Saudi Arabia and underwent appropriate self-isolation upon arrival.

In other news…

  • A policeman was accused of sexually assaulting a female journalist by squeezing her breast during a protest in 2020. The authorities have since dropped the case as they could not identify the officer.

Today’s Paid Tide readers got a full update on protest-related news and investigations.

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