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Kompasu leaves 6 injured and 1 dead, alongside billions in economic losses

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Writing this morning’s High Tide has made me nostalgic for some good ol’ Hong Kong typhoon weather… (of course not nostalgic for all the terrible things that typhoons bring, just for curling up in bed and watching TV during T8)

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Kompasu causes $2-3 billion in economic losses

Typhoon Kompasu has left 6 injured and 1 dead, as well as $HK 2-3 billion in losses from business disruption. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange cancelled trading or all of Wednesday after Kompasu halted after-hours trading the day before.

The typhoon brought heavy waves and flooding. Images on social media showed empty shelves at supermarkets as Hong Kongers stockpiled groceries.

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COVID news

Coronavirus in Hong Kong

  • New cases: 3 (imported)

Taxi driver murder suspect arrested on Lamma Island

A man suspected of stabbing a taxi driver on Tuesday morning was arrested on Lamma Island after a city-wide manhunt. “The suspect was believed to be an extremely dangerous person with suspected [violent] tendency,” a police statement said.

29-year-old Matthew Choi is alleged to have previously made comments online about wanting to imitate the kinds of mass shootings that have made headlines in the US. According to local media, upon searching the suspect’s home, police found two cleavers engraved with “my elf weapon”, the same phrase found on the shotgun of a former US Navy sailor who killed 12 people in a 2013 shooting.

Choi was also allegedly part of an online community for supposed ‘targeted individuals‘ that believe they are the victims of a gang-stalking electronic harassment conspiracy.

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The Underground: Legends

You don’t spend decades running a platform for live music without at least a few bands becoming big names. Featuring five of the biggest alternative local bands to have been incubated by the Underground, ‘Underground Legends’ on 23 Oct is going to be absolutely insane.

Extradition bill murder suspect released from police safe house

Chan Tong-kai—the man who sparked the extradition bill debate over the the killing of his girlfriend in Taipei—is no longer under police protection and is now living somewhere remote in the city. At the time, Chan could not be sent to Taiwan to face murder charges because of the lack of an extradition deal between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In response, the government proposed an extradition bill, which was eventually withdrawn but not before sparking mass pro-democracy protests.

Other updates

A new mega-court has been opened to help clear the backlog of cases relating to the 2019 anti-government protests. The new space at the District Court building in Wan Chai Tower will help judges process 249 pending criminal trials and be available for use in mid-2023.

Watsons has closed its TST store after two decades of business. “The number of tourists visiting Hong Kong saw a drastic drop of over 90 per cent. Our business is affected, especially the stores in tourist areas with high rental costs,” said Watsons Hong Kong.

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