🌊 Increase in Youth Suicide, Mainland Authorities finish investigating Covid

Some triggering stuff, some good news. Hong Kong has got lots of news.

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Children Death Rates Rise (CW)

Fifth Report from the Child Fatality Review Panel (covering 2016-18) was released yesterday pointing to worrying results.

The report covered 259 children aged below 18 separated into types of death:

  • 159 natural

  • 100 non-natural

    • 59 suicide

    • 22 accidents

    • 8 unascertained

    • 7 assault

Some quick statistics from the included ten-year thematic report from 2009-2018:

Out of 144 reported suicides:

  • Youngest death was 9 years old

  • 58.3% (84) were male

  • 66% (95) were aged between 15-17; 27.8 (40) were between 12-14

  • 61.6% (88) showed suicidal signs before taking action

In terms of reasons:

  • 24.2% (54) were due to school/work problems

  • 21.1% (47) were due to family problems

  • Other major reasons:

    • Dating (13% - 29)

    • Mental problems (13% - 29)

    • Worried about future (13% - 29)

In the later exploration, the report said that Hong Kong’s aggressive focus on academics where ‘your grades determine your future’ is our mantra, was definitely to blame for a large number of deaths. Most suicides happened around examination periods, and was especially prevalent in those whose grades had unexpectedly fallen. Family stress due to parental arguments, divorce and punishments (especially confiscating of phones and computers) were primary drivers of deaths within the family. Notably (at least for me - it sorta turns the single parent family issue problem on its head) 68.1% (98) of deaths were from families with both parents present.


COVID news

Coronavirus in Hong Kong

  • New cases: 6

Eat Out Safer

All restaurants will be required to use the Leave Home Safe App by Dec 9. Alongside other venues such as gov buildings, libraries, markets, gyms and the like, you won’t be able to eat out without a smartphone anymore. Exceptions same as with before, flexibility - but no official pardoning - given to those who can’t afford phones.

Restaurants who currently opt to have no LeaveHomeSafe but close at 6pm may not be allowed to continue running under this exception.

Meanwhile, cruises-to-nowhere will be allowed to raise their patronage to 75% from 50%.

Mainland experts finish tour, border re-opening on the horizon

The mainland expert team that arrived on Sat for a 4 day tour of anti-pandemic facilities has finished their trip today. The team inspected the Dorestt Wanchaii as well as a community testing centre in Yau Ma Tei yesterday.

There will be another high level meeting between HK and Mainland authorities on Thursday to discuss the timeline for border opening. Optimistically, CE Carrie Lam said that the border may be reopened by next month, with no specific date mentioned yet. Nonetheless, vaccination rates must rise beforehand. According to Michael Tien, Mainland authorities may be willing to forgo tracking insofar as Hong Kong records ins-and-outs by LeaveHomeSafe.

Events / Exhibitions etc

We want to make sure that what we advertise is interesting for our readers, so if you go to an event that you saw here, let us know by taking a selfie and tagging us on Twitter or Instagram ( both @harbourtimes ).

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Events from the Diplomatic Community

A Swedish Christmas!

The Consulate General of Sweden is hosting a festive two day Christmas festival this Friday and Saturday at Tai Kwun. Events include Santa Claus visits and a traditional St. Lucia Procession.

No specific food related announcements yet but……….loganberry?…..

A post shared by Swedish Consulate HK (@swedishconsulatehk)

When: 26-27 Nov
Where: Tai Kwun, Central

Jewish Life in Germany and Escape Destination Hong Kong

For the next month, the German CG and the Goethe-Institute are hosting a group of and events detailing the lives of Holocaust refugees who fled to Hong Kong. The gallery itself shows images from the Center for Persecuted Arts in Solingen and the United Nations Outreach Program. In the Art Centre’s Black Box studio, a multimedia performance QING explores the relationship between dance and the ‘body luggage’ of forced migration.

Where: Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio. 14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre. Wanchai
When: 11/11 to 11/12 // 9:00am - 8:30pm (Mon - Fri) 9:30am - 6:00pm (Sat)

Events from our partners

  • PMQ Xmas Startup Fair

A group of sustainbility startups, many of which were at ReThink (including both CHOMP and Island Life, which were featured on previous Leader of The Week takeovers) will be hosting a small fair at PMQ next weekend. Perfect time to pick out something nice and environmentally friendly for your family and friends for the holidays!

When: 12pm-7pm 28 Nov (Sunday)
Where: Bamboa (Shop S304) PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street. Central

  • Swop It, Don't Shop It with Take Out Plastic

Recommended to us by Island Life and run by Take Out Plastic, ‘Swop It, Don’t Shop It’ lets you drop off clothes you no longer wear and then take something home for free for a minimal price. We all have our favourite clothes and those we never wear. A great, fun initiative to make use of the stuff we don't wear.

When: 730-930pm, 29 Nov (Mon)
Where: Quality Goods Club; 39-43 Hollywood Road. Central.

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