🌊 The Epoch Times gets trashed... again

13.4.2021 | Read Jimmy Lai's letter from prison.

Good morning.

A cat finds itself stuck in quite the predicament with a traffic cone, but thankfully it’s a good chuckle as the kitty gets out without so much as a scratch. Keep on reading today’s High Tide to find the video!

— Jasmine Lee

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I'll be on RTHK Radio 3 Backchat at 09:03 Tuesday talking about the Companies Registry, so e-mail or call in!

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Government misled LegCo over HKIDs: A quick Sunday search using a single popular name finds 8 pairs of matching masked HKIDs in the Companies Registry. There must be hundreds or thousands of other such pairs on other names - yet the Gove... https://t.co/UKWZkEkKhq

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