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Knife-wielding taxi murderer on the loose

Good morning.

What a wild wild Wednesday. Everybody better hide yo kids and hide yo wife because apparently HK has to hide from both typhoons and taxi slashers.

Jasmine Lee

The Worst Passenger Ever

CW: Mentions of violence and physical assault

A taxi driver was murdered by his own passenger during an altercation between the two men. At the height of the quarrel, the rider slashed his driver’s neck with a knife; the victim ran from the vehicle and the attacker pursued for a short period until the wounded man fell to the ground. When first aid arrived he was unconscious and pronounced dead at the hospital.

The murderer, a software developer named Matthew Choi, ran off, and police found items they believe Choi discarded, including a 25-centimetre knife. He is still on the loose. If you see this man steer absolutely clear of him and call the cops.

The victim’s family, including his sister, a son, and two daughters, held a roadside ceremony mourning his death.


A friend of HT’s has shared a conspiracy group Choi is allegedly a part of. Upgrade to a paid subscription to find out what he is so paranoid of.

COVID news

New cases: 4 (imported)

See more COVID stats in HK

HK will be donating 7.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccines to Covax, a global community, which will redistribute them to developing countries.

COVID testing has been mandated for anyone present at four specific premises (scroll down to Annex 2 for the locations, Annex 1 for testing centre info).

Killer Kompasu is Coming

Tropical Storm Kompasu (categorised as T8 to stay that way until noon) is making quite the entrance to the city with a barrage of local flooding and high winds, even overcoming flood barriers set up by authorities in Heng Fa Chuen.

So far there have been reports of five injured by the typhoon, one of whom has died. No landslides yet. No children going to school today!

Don’t be one of those people who go outside to check it out and insist it will be ok. I don’t want to be writing about one of you getting catapulted by a flying stop sign the next time I write Tide. Stay safe, stay inside.


Social work ban for security law violators

Lawmakers are in heavy favour of a law that would prohibit anyone charged under the NSL from joining the sector of social work.

Other political updates:

What else is happening?

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