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Leader of the Week | In another life, what would Vince Siu be?

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My name is Vince Siu, and I'm the Founder and CEO of Press Start Academy, a Hong Kong-based edtech startup reimagining learning through play and games. We design unique, multidisciplinary, fun-first curriculum to foster a lifelong love of learning, develop real-world and academic skills, and cultivate mastery in students aged 4 and above, drawing inspiration from concepts like gamification, learning through play, inquiry-based learning and human-centred design. We're in the middle of our busiest season ever, running in-person and online camps this summer. Check out our summer program lineup on our website. I'm on LinkedIn as well – look forward to connecting with you!

Vince Siu


What purpose does local news serve? As someone who keeps a keen eye on the media industry, this article from the Nieman Lab looking at the changing role of local news outlets in the US is fascinating. Designing information services around community needs – that's true human-centred design right there.

The future of entertainment is interactive, and the future of content is gaming. Reports that Netflix is considering expanding into the games market is very exciting, and it gets my mind racing with all sorts of possibilities for experimentation, scale and even social impact. But can they succeed where Google failed with Stadia?

Those of us who grew up playing SimCity almost always pay extra attention to urban planning whenever we travel. The Barcelona "superblock" is an ambitious effort to revolutionize how we think about city design, amid a wave of new ideas across Europe. I for one look forward to a future where city-building games don't require players to base their cities around cars and roads anymore.

I love finding epic new shows that only the most visionary of creators can design and exploring new stories that only the most brilliant minds can tell. The Mandalorian was not just a back-to-basics format for the Star Wars franchise but could pave the way forward for even Disney as a whole. This, my friends, is the way.

Live Music

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The Aftermath is one of my favourite live music and performance venues! They're back with a vengeance after coronavirus restrictions and will start hosting open mics, live jam sessions and all sort of other performances again very soon. Oh, and keep an eye out for the Soul Proprietors when you've got the chance – I might be found on the keyboard, drums or the microphone ;)

Listen to live music at The Aftermath


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The best thing I can say about the Hong Kong Children's Discovery Museum is that the adults there are often more excited than the children are. Their Water Table and Rigamajig are my standout exhibits, but the entire museum just oozes fun and learning through play – what's not to love? Make sure to check out their current popup in Tsuen Wan this summer with your family!

Visit the HKCDM


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The plant-based movement is well and truly under way in Hong Kong, with big brands and innovators leading the way, but don't forget about the independent chefs trying to make a difference either! You can find Soulistic's handcrafted snacks at the Tong Chong Street Market up until July 2nd - then keep an eye out for their vegan mooncakes coming this autumn. Chef-owner Tiffany Lau is also a curriculum consultant for our food and nutrition program, Food Heroes!

Eat Soulistic

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